Quality & Safety

At AWA Food Solutions, we value quality as our top competitive advantage, and accordingly, we take all necessary measures to continuously provide top quality to our customers. We constantly monitor our operations and processes to improve our performance, and in turn, this improves the quality we provide. All employees are committed to our high level of customer attention, understanding their applications, and customizing solutions that ensure the highest quality assurance and control standards..


To guarantee the quality of our solutions, the company has a fully functional and staffed quality control management department. Our quality control department has created a comprehensive system which covers the raw materials’ quality, production conditions, and product testing and validation, as well as customer satisfaction surveys to evaluate and identify measures that guarantee customer requirement fulfillment.


AWA Food Solutions quality control department’s mission is to ensure that all products are compatible with the strictest food safety standards, as well as the Egyptian and international standards of quality and safety. AWA Food Solutions holds internationally recognized quality assurance certificates, such as ISO 9001/2008, ISO 18001/2007, ISO 22000/2005, and ISO 14001/2004.04.