Environmental Safety


At AWA Food Solutions, food and environment safety are not to be compromised under any conditions. We believe that people’s health and environmental safety take priority over any possible business objectives. All of our employees are trained on safety measures and regulations, and follow a strict safety procedures system.


Our organization has a set of tools and measurement guidelines that empowers us to achieve our desired safety objectives. AWA Food Solutions management monitors the full compliance of all legal requirements, as well as regulations that guarantee the safety of all our products. We maintain a fixed and daily supervised level of hygiene for our production facilities and staff.


We are committed to doing business in a way that is free from undesirable effects on the environment. We fully comply with local and international legislation that ensure protecting our environment. AWA Food Solutions has equipped its production facilities with modern capabilities for the management and processing of waste, and rationalizing resources, such as water and energy, to ensure that none of our production cycles put the environment at risk.