Application Center

AWA Food Solutions has a fully equipped, state of the highest technology application centre responsible for the production of all of our innovative solutions. This is where ideas are born, solutions are developed and final products are tested and validated. Our application centre is recognized for its excellence with a proven track record composed of hundreds of local and international customers.

Our company is committed to providing our customers with product prototypes for every application. We generate innovative ideas and use prototypes to turn these ideas into reality for our customers' full convenience. Our researchers develop presentable and convenient prototypes that help our customers with their technical services' requests to reach their desired solution formulation.

The company's application centre is opened for product trials through our "opened lab" philosophy. We believe that we need to operate through a certain level of transparency allowing our customers to be in on the production process. Our solutions are also developed and fully tested to save our customers time, money and resources. This way we can produce timely trials and have our customers' feedback in a prompt manner. Our "opened lab" philosophy ensures that we never waste our customers' time, money or resources on multiple trials and have them be a part of the creation process of innovative ideas.

Among our Advanced Equipment:

Stephan Cooker for processed cheese making and Sauces

General processing equipment for bakery products (Sheeter bread, dough machine, ovens, etc...)  

Tumbler for processed meat and chicken marination.

General processing equipment for meat products

Ice cream machine

Homogenizer and pasteurization line for dairy products and juices

Burger forming machine

Cheese vat machine for white cheese products